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Embark on a journey of exploration with our unlimited access offer to a variety of soul-soothing Hot Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates classes! Find your flow at our serene hot yoga studio nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. Come join us and embrace the blissful experience of discovering your inner peace and strength on the mat. See you there!

Month of Unlimited Hot Pilates and Hot Yoga Classes

First-Time Students Only - Intro Month Special
$ 99
One Month
  • Get started an unlimited Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates classes for entire month! Try all classes and find your favorite practice. Explore the limitless possibilities of hot yoga with our introductory month unlimited package! Dive into various class modalities and discover the transformative power of our hot yoga studio.

In-Studio Hot Yoga Classes

Yoga classes prices and deal an ideal offers to try out as many classes of Hot Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates as you want, and choose the right time and training at your convenience.

Practice in the studio and enjoy the heat.We know that right now is a difficult time for everyone. Our goal is to bring people joy and happiness with best yoga classes prices and deals

Recorded classes deals are coming soon... our best Yoga classes prices and deals. Whether you prefer to workout live, on-demand, or both, there’s an option for you. We would love to make a special offer to you if you really want to take classes with us but cannot afford the regular prices. If that’s the case, please contact Katia, the owner of Yoga Hell, to discuss the right price for you. We know that there isn’t one price that suits everyone. And we would love to help you out!

*The foregoing is a summary only and is subject to the full Student Terms & Conditions. Membership purchases are nonrefundable. Student and family pricing available. Contact us.

Enjoy our best Yoga classes prices and deals