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Hot Yoga classes and Inferno Hot Pilates classes are available at our studio in Brooklyn NY.

Yin Yoga

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While “Yang”’ yoga is centered around the more dynamic and active forms of yoga, such as Ashtanga, Power Vinyasa, and Bikram, Yin yoga is a quiet and reflective practice. It requires you to slow down and relax into easy postures. We hold each pose for 2-5 minutes at a time, allowing you to tune into your mind and the physical sensations of your body. Holding the posture passively lets you access the deep connective tissues between your ligaments, tendons, joints, and bones. Yin yoga originates from the Taoist concept of Yin and Yang, the interdependent characteristics of nature. Yin is the unwavering, concealed aspect of things and yang is the changing and eloquent aspect. The tendons, ligaments, and fascia are yin in the body, while the more tensile, pliable muscles are yang. Chinese and Taoist philosophies also believe there are pathways of Qi (energy) that runs through our bodies. It is thought to be that these pathways exist in the connective tissues of our body. By relaxing our muscles through deep stretching, we free any blockages that interrupt Qi from flowing continuously in our bodies. Our room is heated to around 80-85 degrees, creating a warm and comforting atmosphere for meditation.
Watch video – What is Yin Yoga

Bikram Yoga

Hot Yoga hot pilates classes at yogahellbk Brooklyn NY

Bikram yoga is a 26 posture series with two breathing exercises performed inside a 105-degree room with 40% humidity. Bikram yoga may sound intimidating- don’t let that stop you from getting down to it! The postures are specifically designed for beginners and people of different shapes and sizes! It is a great class for everyone who wants to lose weight and at the same time gain muscle strength and increase bone density. The overwhelming heat and humidity completely submerges you into mental stillness, leaving you feeling calm, steady, and optimistic after class. Bikram yoga is highly recommended for people with back, neck, and shoulder pain, knee injuries, and other health issues. As you observe the people who come to a typical Bikram class, you will see people who have been practicing for a few months and people who have been practicing for a few decades. A consistent Bikram practice has the power for individuals to learn discipline, resilience, and patience. So let’s get sweaty!

Inferno Hot Pilates

Inferno Pilates​ Brooklyn NY

Do push-ups, burpees, and mountain climbers to upbeat music that makes you want to keep moving! Loved by both men and women, Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP) is a form of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that incorporates basic Pilates principles. It is a full-body workout with little-to-no impact, but the 95-degree room generates the same effects as a high-impact workout without the excess strain on your joints. This, in turn, creates lean muscle mass and burns fat simultaneously. After a couple of classes, you will start to feel stronger and have more energy throughout your day. Hot Pilates also compliments Bikram Yoga, helping you build enough strength for specific yoga postures and become more tolerant to the heat.
It’s a fantastic new alternative to a night out at the club! The intense workouts under the disco lights leave you feeling euphoric! So bring a couple of friends and let’s party!

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga at yogahellbk Brooklyn NY

Ashtanga Yoga is a systematic Vinyasa-style class, incorporating set sequences or “series” where the breath and movement are united. The energetic nature of the sequence leads to a cleansing of the body through heat – enhancing circulation, alleviating joint pain, and building strength. When the postures are executed enough to be performed graciously, breathing becomes more even and ultimately cleanses the nervous system. Ashtanga Yoga allows you to develop a deep awareness of your breath and body. Similar to Bikram Yoga, the rigid sequence is known to help students develop a routine of self-discipline, grit, and consistency. This practice pushes you beyond your limits, constantly reminding you that you’re capable of much more than you realize!
In a led class, you are guided with a precise and traditional counting method, combined with specific breathing cues and points of focus, or “Drishti’s.” The cues help us keep our minds steady and focused throughout the class.
Ashtanga Yoga is usually practiced at room temperature, but we heat the room to 90 degrees. The heat relaxes your muscles, allowing you to go deeper into postures quickly.

Vinyasa Yoga

VinYasa Yoga​ Brooklyn NY

Vinyasa Yoga is known for its fluid and dynamic practice, seamlessly using one’s breath to flow from one posture to the next. Every sequence presents a diverse variety of poses, and no two classes are alike. Every teacher creates unique sequences depending on the intent of the class. Some Vinyasa sequences focus on alignment, some open up specific chakras, some are energizing, and some are relaxing. Vinyasa is for you if you don’t like routine but still love to test your body’s physical boundaries. We always play music to keep things lively and set you into the mood for yoga. This class is perfect for beginners!


Bikram Beats

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Bikram Beats is the usual 26 postures and two breathing exercises, but instead of the traditional dialog, it is accompanied by chill beats that will tune you into each pose. Rather than verbal instruction, the class is formatted by following the teacher’s lead; the teacher only cues you in and out of the postures. This is not your standard Bikram Yoga class, as you get a chance to practice side-by-side with an experienced teacher and listen to some groovy tunes! From Rock n’ Roll, cross-cultural genres, house, and classical music, our diverse yoga mixtape is catered to every individual’s taste in music. Due to limited instruction, the class is only recommended for people familiar with the sequence- but beginners are never turned away!